Internal Club Competitions

As from this season we will all start off in one league.

After the first 3 monthly competitions, the league will be split into League 1 and League 2. The split being determined by the cumulative scores from the first 3 competitions.

Competition sections will remain the same: Colour and Monochrome.

Members may enter up to 3 images per section in each monthly competition, Each image must be 1600px on the long side and 300dpi (ppi), all images must have a title and member number. Images must not bear a water mark or logo.

All entries must be handed in on the given date to the Competition Secretary and late entries will not be accepted. Each image is marked by an independent judge and given a score which will count in the league system over the rest off the season. There are a total of five monthly competitions spread over the season.

Scoring of Images

In line with the system adopted last year the scoring set up will see marks allocated as follows:

Each image submitted will score an initial 15 points for entering.

Commended images will score 16

Highly Commended will score 17

Third Place will score 18

Second Place will score 19

First Place will score 20

 Judges may have more than one image scoring the top three categories.

At the end of the year (Our year runs from May to May) the winner is the person who has the highest combined score from each section. League 1 - Colour and Monochrome and the same in the League 2.

Annual Print Competition

As the title suggests this is a print only competition, minimum print size is 8x10, all prints must be mounted, have the authors membership number and a title on the reverse side of the mount.

Chairmans Challenge Competition

This is another Print Competition, which is on a set theme, which set by the Chairman at the time, again images should be presented mounted with title and authors membership number on the reverse.