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Internal Club Competitions

For season 2023/24

  • There will be 7 monthly PDI competitions in September, October, November (all 2023) and January, February, March and April (all 2024)

  • All competitions will have a colour and a monochrome section

  • Members will be invited to enter three images from any section or combination thereof

  • Submissions for the monthly PDI (Projected Digital Image) competitions should be 1600px on the longest edge. Titled with category C or M (color or mono), image title and member number eg. M-My Picture-22

  • Competitions will either be themed or open as determined by the Competitions Coordinator

  • There will be no competition league tables for this season

  • Nominated judges will be asked to give First, Second and Third places as well as any commendations they feel appropriate

  • Members will be notified where to submit their images

Annual Print Competition


In addition to the monthly leagues, there will also be an annual print competition.

The print competition will be open to all members, with images mounted.  Entries can be any size, monochrome or colour, and the competition will be marked by an external judge.  This will take place in late April/early May.  There will be no set theme

As the title suggests this is a print only competition. All prints must have the authors membership number and a title on the reverse side of the mount.

Chairmans Challenge Competition

The “Chair’s Challenge” will be reinstated in the calendar.  This will also be a print competition and will follow the same requirements as the annual print competition.  It will be around a set theme, decided upon and judged by that year’s Chair.  Submissions will be made in November, with results in December. Images should be presented mounted with title and authors membership number on the reverse.

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