Week 9 Summer Competition - Camera Images
1st Place Shadows of Love Brian Murphy
2nd Place Mouse Gus Stuart
3rd= Where's Hank! Paul Cresswell 
3rd= Topical Shadow Pamela Learmont
HC Leaves on Stone David Young
HC Martha the Dog-Ebra Jim Glynn
HC Cycling Through The Shadows Bob Brown
HC Bob's Hideaway Colin Thomson
HC Fossil Keith Walker
C Me and my Shadow Eunice Laidlaw
C Forking Shadows William Niven
C Shadow Eggs Alison Cresswell
C Shadow on Shadow Willie Hiddleston
C Shadow Boxing Dave Vickers
Natures Shadow Kathryn Harkness
You Taking A Picture Of Me? Jim Harkness
Week 9 Summer Competition - Phone Images
1st Place Angel Carol Stuart
2nd Place Web Fantastic Angela McNay
3rd= Oor Jaydy Emma Grindell
3rd= A Rose is still a Rose Siobhan Stewart
HC Look I've done a Rabbit Alison Glynn
HC Street Shadows David McNay
C A Dark Wash Chris Harkness
Me and My Shadow George Service
Sydney B Hillary Service
Monkey Puzzle Morag Walker