Week 8 Summer Competition - Camera Images
What The Garden Needs 1st Place Billy Mcminn
Vive La Liberte 2nd Place William Niven
Light & Shade 3rd= David Young
Lockdown Hair 3rd= Eunice Laidlaw
Time Weighs Heavy Highly Commended Jim Glynn
Cuppa Time Highly Commended Gus Stuart
Rose Petal Highly Commended Willie Hiddleston
Still To Be Eaten Commended Keith Walker
Colours Commended Duncan Souter
Home Schooling - Log of Chemistry Experiments Commended Dave Vickers
Home Is Where The Heart Is Commended Bob Brown
Homemade Churros Commended Kathryn Harkness
Tiny Dancers Commended Brian Murphy
Weight Watchers 2020 Erin Glynn
Lights, Camera, Action Colin Thomson
Week 8 Summer Competition - Phone Images 
School's Out For Lockdown 1st Place Pamela Learmont
Home Baking (2) 2nd Place Paul Cresswell
X's and O's Third Place Carol Stuart
Leading Lens Commended Alison Glynn
Home Baking Laura McNay
Frozen Beauty Angela McNay
My Family Ducks Christine Harkness
Workin From Home (sort of) Morag Walker
Home and Away David McNay
Home Redness George Service