Comments - Camera Section

What The Garden Needs

Fantastic shot. Love that watering can! The lighting has captured the texture of the can well and the black background really make this a very strong image. The splash has been expertly caught. Fits the brief well with all the current dry weather. Can't fault it.

Vive La Liberte 

Just pipped to the post by the winner. Wonderfully simple, but stunning image. Colourful, sharp & symmetrical. Love the way the French Flag is reflected in the middle glass. Slight wave to the black line separating the blue background from the white. Having said that I would have it printed and hung on my kitchen wall.

Light and Shade

The square format suits this image very well, lovely and sharp and the background being black really makes it stand out. The edges are slightly hairy and I would have preferred the smallest fold not to have the bend in it but be flowing like the rest. There is a slight lens spot on the left hand side. Very sharp image.

Lockdown Hair

Great title, really fits the brief well. Perhaps the stalk coming in from one of the corners would have enhanced the image, leading the eye in. The background colour is a great choice and compliments the subject.  Super sharp front to back.

Cuppa Time

Yes we are having lots of cuppas at the moment, this is a simple, clever image, nicely symmetrical. The spoons are just going slightly out of focus. Use of the 2 colours works well. 

Rose Petal M12

Simplicity itself.  Great use of colour, love the reflection and the black glossy background. Slightly out of focus and I found the tear in the petal slightly distracting. Excellent crop for the subject.

Time Weighs Heavy

Clever interpretation and subject. The gold and black work well together. The watch face is slightly going out of focus. Very nice shadows coming down from the top.

Still To Be Eaten

Well lit, good composition, like the Snapseed treatment on this, it's given the fruit a nice texture and the blue background compliments the colour of the fruit well.  Slightly more room on the left and bottom than the right and top but suits the square crop well.


Striking image, bold use of colours behind the coasters. Some of the bright lights are slightly distracting and burning out. Good vantage point.

Home Schooling - Log Of Chemistry Experiments

Super sharp image and very apt for "home" at the moment. Some of the writing is showing through from the other pages. Possibly would have been good to see some of the writing to give us an idea of what the experiments were. Powerful subject.

Home Is Where the heart Is

Well composed and certainly fits the brief. Unfortunately the image is not sharp and the background is slightly messy. The bold border has complimented this image. 

Homemade Churros

These look wonderful, I could scoff the lot. Unfortunately, it is not very sharp and I find the line going through the bowl and where  the top churro has been cut off slightly distracting. I like the close colour pallet.

Tiny Dancers

I like the use of 3 heads, especially the angle of the middle one. This image would have scored much higher if the depth of field hadn't been so shallow causing most of it to be out of focus. Perhaps that was the author's intention but unfortunately it doesn't work for me . The backround is going slightly blue in the bottom right hand corner. Great Title.

Weight Watchers 2020

Nice idea, maybe would have been better with one plate of the lovely home baking and leave the biscuits off as the on camera flash has not been kind to the reflections it's giving. Lovely and sharp.

Lights, Camera, Action

This captures the brief well and the essence of where many photographers are spending their time now. The image seems a little fuzzy round the edges as if it has been cut out, plus the equipment is not altogether sharp. Good choice on the yellow for the subject being photographed, really stands out.

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Comments - Phone Section

Schools Out For Lockdown

1st Place. This picture drew me back to it each time I looked. I really like the documentary style and how it captures a moment. You can sense the emotions in the room.

Home baking (2)

Second Place. A clever picture to represent what most people are doing at the moment. Really liked the motion shot.

X's and O's

3rd place. Really liked the creativity of this photo and how precise it was. What a great idea.

Leading Lens

Commended. The reflection aspect of this picture was a great idea and really liked the clear sharp image.

Home Baking

Another good baking photo but wonder if a plain table cloth might have worked better. The banana bread looked lovely!

Frozen Beauty

A lovely image and my favourite colours 

My Family Ducks

A fun picture

Working From Home (sort of)

I was keen to see what the picture being taken was so the image did keep my interest

Home and Away

A good take on the topic of home from what must be a very loyal fan.

Home Redness

A creative image but may have been better taken straight on. Not sure if the iron board was a deliberate inclusion but mine makes me see red too!