Week 7 Summer Challenge - Camera Images
Fixing Hands 1st place Jim Harkness
Beauty in the Beasts Hand 2nd = David Young
Love and Hate 2nd= Alison Cresswell
Wrinkles merely mark where smiles have been 3rd= Kathryn Harkness
Handsome 3rd= Gus Stuart
Hands of Friendship Highly Commended Carol Stuart
Dali's Hands Highly Commended Paul Cresswell
Escape From The Grave Commended Willie Hiddleston
Ice Hand 15pts Karen Hiddelston
Shielding each other from this world turned upside down 15pts Duncan Souter
Handy New Bentley 15pts Dave Vickers
Phone Images
VE Day 1st Place Soibhan Stewart
Flight to Freedom 2nd Place Pamela Learmont
Hands Free Baking 3d Place Hilary Service
The Hands Of Time Commended David McNay
The Working Man Angela McNay
Camera Hands Christine Harkness
Safe Hands George Service