Comments - Camera Section

Fixing Hands – 20 (First Place)

Brilliant photograph of a pair of hands at work and a great interpretation of the brief. Both hands are sharp, and you can see every little detail in them as well as the engine that they are working on. The highlights have been well controlled and the darker area underneath the bottom hand makes it stand out in the image. The photographer has chosen to photograph an object that contains a muted colour palette that makes the hands pop in the image. The angle at which the hands enter the photograph creates a dynamic feel and a sense of movement in the image, it also lets me picture the scenario around the photograph. The crop of the image has been well thought out however it would add a little more space on the top as the engine is a tad too close to the edge of the image. Apart from that the photograph is perfect.

Beauty in the Beast’s Hand – 19 (Second Place Equal)

I love the contrast between the two subjects in this image, being the soft delicate flower petals and the well-worn hand. The photograph is of a standard that is worthy of being published in a magazine. The photographer has managed to control the highlights of the flower with the delicacy it deserves in which is something that high level of technical skill is required to do so. The background doesn’t distract from the focus of the image while still retaining interest on what’s there. The photographer has done well to keep both the flowers and the hand sharp as I pick out every detail on both. However, the light on the hand is slightly too dark and the shadow could be brightened up a little as it looks a bit unnatural. This is also another example of title that fits well with the image.

Love & Hate – 19 (Second Place Equal)

Loved the concept behind this photograph and the result has an extremely dynamic effect when seen. The two hands cleverly frame the woman’s eyes and makes them really stand out in the photograph. The photographer has managed to keep everything sharp and I can see every detail from the hands to the hair. I love how the subject has added the personal touch by showing us what the subject’s loves and hates are, so I feel like I am connecting more with the person. By the way how someone can hate trifle is practically criminal! The only things that I find weird is that the head looks like it is floating in mid-air although I can understand why the photographer has done this.


Wrinkles merely mark where smiles have been – 18 (Third Place Equal)

I love the representation of two generations the younger hand on the left and the older on the right. I like that hands aren’t fully touching and instead are creating a love heart in between them. The hands are sharp and in focus and I can see the detail. However, the hand on left is a tad too bright as some of the detail seen in the right hand is lost on the left. I also apricate the conflicting background as it unintentionally creates drama and emotions further emphasised by the image being in black and white. Although the background in the top right-hand corner of the photographer breaks away the scenario that the photographer has created. I like the contrast of textures between the rough textures of the background and the soft textures in the hands. 

Handsome – 18 (Third Place Equal)

A well thought out concept that results in a fun photograph. It is nice to see a quirkier photograph right now as this certainly lifted my spirits, {and I don’t mean a wee drink}  as it would with anyone would see it. The title you have chosen works very well and not a lot people know how important that is. I like how you’ve chosen a black background as it makes features such as the eyes and the details in the hands stand out. I also like how the figure has enough room in the photograph to move about in. However, I wish that the tie weren’t cut off halfway at the bottom of the photograph. Overall a good creative fun image. Well done!

Hands of Friendship – 17 (Highly Commended)

Very good interpretation of the brief and the photograph demonstrates what we want to be doing right now. The connection of the two hands joining create a strong line through the image, a bridge almost between both sides of the image. The line across the top is a bit too bright for my liking as it catches my eye in the image. The bracelets on both hands further emphasizes the connection between the two hands however the bracelet on the left hand is reflecting the light which is slightly distracting.



Dali’s Hands – 17 (Highly Commended)

It is nice to see an abstract image for this brief as it is not something that I’d have thought of doing. I like the infrared effect seen on the hands and the shaping of the hands to create the effect seen in the image. I like how the two hands are asymmetrical as it gives both hands something interesting to look at such as the ring on the right hands which gives much need context. The resulting image creates an eye-catching effect and the image definitely stands out on it’s own. I would have liked to have seen more detail in the distorted area of the palm of the hand. I can’t help but wonder what this may had looked in colour, but I do like it in black and white.

Escape from the grave M12 – 16 (Commended)

This is another quirky image and I apricate the original thinking that has gone into this image. I love the positioning of the hand in the dirt which helps to set the scene. However, I find that the background is far too distracting as the bright bold yellow petals of the flowers stand out and takes your eye away from the hand. The hands are sharp and I can see the detail in the front of the hand. I would have liked for the crop to not be as tight as the hand it a bit too close to the edge. I think that the photograph would have worked better with a landscape format instead of square as would limit the distracting yellow background. The photographer has managed to keep control of the shadows and highlights in the image.



Icehand – 15

I love the idea behind this image and doing an ice hand is not something that I would of thought of doing, and I think it is a very good interpretation of the brief. I like that the photographer has decided to use black and white as it creates drama in the image and the ice appears better in this format. The photographer has generated contrast in this photographer really well in terms of keeping the highlights under control which is a hard thing to do with ice. However, I think that the image is too dark at the top and the thumb is far too close to edge because we don’t want severed fingers. I wonder if shooting this from the top shows off the subject best and I wish that the grill underneath the hands was straight.

Shielding each other from this world turned upside down – 15

An interesting idea the photographer has chosen as it meets the brief. The hands are nicely photographed and are sharp so I can see the detail in both hands. I enjoy the idea of creating a bridge protecting or shielding if you like, the lens ball. However, I think the title is far too long, as a good title for an image should short and snappy while also giving context as what is happening in the image. The flare in the lens ball is a bit distracting as is the background which detracts from the hands. I feel like that the lens ball is the feature of the image and not the hands. I do like how the photographer has managed to keep the image seen in the lens ball sharp.



Handy New Bentley – 15

This was interesting image, which is about the only way I can describe it. I get the idea the photographer is going for and the results is definitely unique. The toy car is sharp and in focus and so is the person that has been photoshopped into the car, which is giving me nightmares!! The background is dull and is not distracting and the photograph is well titled. However, the colours are a tad flat in the image and the hands isn’t the focus of the image and is not sharp or in focus. The idea is good, but the execution is where it is let down.