1. Alexander Hamilton – 18

The author’s passion for the theatre is apparent here. The various elements are well lit and the exposure is handled well with an attractive colour palette throughout. I feel that a less tight crop would have given the image a bit more room to breathe.


2. By the Fire – 18

An atmospheric image, the author is obviously making the best of the lockdown.

The scene is well exposed and in particular the firelight has been captured exceptionally well.

The only issue I had was that the image was a little small making it difficult to fully assess the details.


3. Candy – 17

Candy certainly looks up for it!

I particularly like the lighting in this image and the black background works well. I was not so sure that the heavy border helped the image.


4. Favourite Activities -15

An interesting mix of pastimes/hobbies on show here.

As a still life I feel that the elements could have been displayed better, the image feels a bit cramped.

5. Missing Old Favourite – 15

I guess a lot of people are missing their sport in these strange times. A nice idea but this image seems a bit rushed. The Scorecard would have looked better vertical and the balls could have been lined up more carefully.


6. My Favourite Drink – 15

A good idea to show the ice dropping into the glass. However, I guess this was taken hand held as the main elements of the image are not sharp, also I found the background distracting. 


7. My Favourite things in lockdown – Donald drinks all of these! – 15

A satirical look at the current situation, a colourful and striking image but I found it all very busy and it lacked a focal point. Unfortunately, ‘The Donald’ is teetotal but he may make more sense drunk!


8.Nostalgia – 16

A well composed still life showing a selection of the author’s favourite things. It looks as if this has been taken using the on-camera flash as it has a rather harsh light with some heavy shadows and some reflections off the books.


9.Sweet Music – 17

This is certainly an interesting selection of music and accessories. I think the albums work well as a backdrop but unfortunately the image lacks sharpness throughout. A tweak on the contrast and sharpness tools would improve this image.


10. TE-2- Grey Fergie – 17

A great selection of tractor memorabilia on display here.

I like the composition of this still life but I felt the image lacked punch. A bit more contrast and a lift to the shadows makes a lot of difference.


11. The Harbinger of Summer – 19

Assuming one of the author’s favourite things is to photograph birds then they have made a pretty good job of demonstrating why with this image. An attractive image of a Swallow with a lovely neutral background and a good catchlight in the eye. The only issue I can see is that the use of a long lens and shallow depth of field are leading to the body feathers being a bit soft whilst the post is sharp, but a very difficult shot well executed.


12.These are a few – 19

A creative and amusing panel referencing the old song from The Sound of Music. Each image is well taken and tells the story very well considering the limited resources available. I found the varying grey backgrounds slightly distracting and felt that some internal borders and an external border would have improved the image.


13.- These are two of my favourite things – 20

An imaginative interpretation of the brief which again had me Googling the lyrics to the old song.

I thought this was an exceptionally pleasing shot which told a good story.

The image was well exposed with a strong diagonal and an attractive muted colour scheme and I found little to criticise.


14.Three Loves – 16

A trio of favourites here, what a gorgeous little dog in a lovely pose. Unfortunately, the background is overexposed and cluttered which draws your eye away from the main elements of the image. 

But what a photogenic little fella!!


15. Favourite Things – Kodachrome 64 – 15

It’s always nice to see an old tape deck and Hi-Fi System still in use. I was intrigued by the Kodachrome reference as the entry did resemble an old film image. I felt that the straight on viewpoint and flat lighting did not bring out the best in the subjects on display and as the image was small it lost clarity when enlarged on my screen.

Title Phone Section




Bath with the Boss(sorry family)



I can see what the author is trying to convey, and they have delivered an intimate shot of presumably the corner of the bath, which works quite well. I’m not sure if it’s a still or a freeze frame from a video, but I love the look in the eyes. However, I think the pot plant to the right is a distraction, and the image could have been improved by going in closer to frame just the Boss and penguin.

Happiness Is


Highly Commended

A nicely composed image that tells us about the author’s favourite things. The elements at the front provide a strong composition, but I’m less sure about the reflecting globe at the to[ of the image. It does place the items in context via the reflection of the house, but I think it clashes a little with the quieter tones elsewhere and the blurred vignette, all of which give the image a peaceful ambience.

I'd rather be at my allotment


Highly Commended

A very well composed collection of objects that tells a story. Some of the elements have been very well placed for maximum effect and I especially like the position and colour contrast of the gloves. It could have perhaps been improved by recomposing or cropping to cut off the dead space to the left of the greenhouse.

I'm not a bloody French Frog



I like the idea and the message in this, but there are a couple of things I’d think of doing to improve the final image. Firstly, the phone has focused on the back wall, leaving the subjects of the image slightly out of focus. Most phones allow you to focus on an item by touching the screen and setting the focus on the doll would have made a huge difference. Also, a lower viewpoint would make the central character more prominent in the frame.

If Only


2nd Place

This is a beautifully well thought out and composed image. I kept noticing more details every time I went back to look at it, and the image succeeds in telling a story in a way that few photos manage. The only thing that might be improved would be to use more subdued lighting, perhaps by closing the curtains and so removing some of the shadows at the right of the image which distract the eye from the story.

Inside my Guitar



This is an intriguing abstract image, where only the title tells us what we’re looking at. I really like the diagonal flow of the bright area from bottom to top which draws the eye into the frame. I might have tried to crop in more tightly as there is a lot of black space, especially down the left of the image.

Let the Evening beGin


3rd Place

A strongly composed image with well-arranged ingredients in the cocktail providing a good balance of colour complemented by the water droplets on the glass. The reflection of clouds and blue sky in the top left of the background add to the summery feel. It might have been better to shoot a fraction wider so the whole of the glass rim was in the image, but the author should be complemented for enticing this judge into heading to his fridge for some gin!

Loving Smiles


1st Place

This is a beautifully posed and executed photo. As someone with small grandchildren, I know how hard it is to get them to look at the camera, and the author here has done this extremely well. The beautifully tight composition is complemented by the side lighting that adds texture. One minor improvement –changing the viewpoint so the noticeboard top right isn’t in the frame, but the author should be proud of this image which, if they were my grandchildren, I’d have printed and on the wall.

Me & My Shadow


3rd Place

I love the idea and the clever way this image beautifully demonstrates the bond between child and dog without showing either face. They clearly are the focal point of the image which could have been made stronger by cropping in more tightly and focusing on the two central characters without the distraction from the plants at either side.

Meowing in the Rain



This is clearly a very attractive looking cat that is sitting patiently to be photographed, and I think the image could have been improved by homing in on the top left quadrant of the photo, either by cropping or getting closer to the cat. This gives much more prominence to the cat and removes less important elements.



2nd Place

What’s not to like? This is a very appealing image of a dog with an absolutely compelling, look on its face. Great job in getting the animal to pose as it did. The focus is more on the snout than the eyes but they remain in focus,. The only other minor improvement would have been to shift the lighting direction to bring some more light into the dog’s left eye. On balance though a very strong image.

Rebel Shootout


3rd Place

This is a very cleverly staged and taken photograph. The author has placed the pieces well within a natural environment and I love the flashes of “laser” light, and am struggling to think how these were achieved.  The image could perhaps have been improved by changing the viewpoint slightly by getting right down to ground level.