Week 11 Camera Images
1st place Wheels within Wheels - Keith Walker
2nd= Negative Tracking - Colin Thomson
2nd= Water Wheel - Paul Cresswell
2nd= Summer Flower Wheel - Jim Glynn
3rd place Wheel of Fruitine - William Niven
Highly Commended Mini - Kathryn Harkness
Commended Jaggy Wheels - Jim Harkness
Commended Double Power Wheel - Gus Stuart
Commended Monster Truck - Billy McMinn
Cog Wheels - David Young
Wheel of Misfortune - Erin Glynn
Wheels of Time - Alison Cressell
Wheels - Willie Hiddleston
Ship Wheel - Karen Hiddleston
Tongland Wheel - Dave Vickers
Wheels on fire - Bob Brown
Week 11 Phone Images
1st place Re-Tyred - Linda Whitelaw
2nd place Spot the Wonky One - Siobhan Stewart
3rd place Round Again Peter Jordan
Highly Commended Lego Boardwalk - Angela McNay
Highly Commended Wheels of Time  - Morag Walker
Commended Just Bin It - Christine Harkness
Commended Working Wheels - George Service
Too Tyred - David McNay
Into the Groove - Hilary Service