Week 11 Summer Competition - Camera Comments


Wheels Within Wheels – 20 – Keith Walker

Sharp and crisp, can read the name.


Wheels on Fire. – 15 – Bob Brown

Looks like it was taken through glass, good effort.


Wheels of Time – 15 – Alison Cresswell

A wee bit soft on the bevel.  Good idea


Wheel of Misfortune – 15 – Erin Glynn

Good idea but would have like if the wheel was round.


Wheel of Fruitune – 18 – William Niven

Well executed.  Colours good, although Blackberries a wee bit lost.


Waterwheel – 19 – Paul Cresswell

Like this.  Good movement


Tongland Wheel – 15 – Dave Vickers

Good idea but a bit blown out on the whites


Summer Flower Wheel – 19 – Jim Glynn

Liked this.  Good colour against a nice background


Ship Wheel – 15 – Karen Hiddleston

A wee bit soft and dark.  Would have liked to see the top of the wheel.


Negative Tracking – 19 – Colin Thomson

Good image.  Clearing weeds from the front might have been a good idea.


Monster Truck – 16 – Billy McMinn

White slightly blown out.  Might have cropped in to wheels more.


Mini – 17 – Kathryn Harkness

Nice image.  Can read the writing but a wee bit bright at front which kept taking my eye to it


Jaggy Wheels – 16 – Jim Harkness

Good idea.  Maybe if the shadows had been opening up there would have been better definition

Double Power Wheel – 16 – Gus Stuart

Good idea, but would have cropped in a bit tighter.


Cog Wheels – 15 – David Young

Good effort but a bit dark


Wheels – 15 – Willie Hiddleston

Only the front wheel in focus.  Bright lights distracting

Week 11 Summer Competition – Phone Comments


Re-tyred – 1st place Linda Whitelaw -  interesting framing device with the different wheels. Great contrast with the bright centre wheel. There seems to be some burnout on the centre wheel though so would be nice to reduce the brightness in this section.


Spot the wonky one – 2nd place Siobhan Stewart -  there is great symmetry with all of the arches in this photo. The texture contrast between the different sections really draws the eye round the image. Some of the centre wheels seems to have lost detail, it would be nice if the exposure was reduced to give more texture in this section


Round Again – 3rd Place Peter Jordan - Lovely contrast between the vibrant reds on the cart and the muted blues in the sky. Great framing devices of the cart in the scenery make the cart the centre of attention. It would be nice to have the cart centred in the image as this would make it even more eye catching.


Wheels of time – Highly Commended Morag Walker - Brilliant use of scratches to give the image a sense of age. Interesting contrast between the purples and the greens in the image. It would have been nice to have the image more centred to show more of the watch and allow all the components to be seen.


Lego Boardwalk – Highly Commended Angela McNay - Great idea using lego to show all the different types of wheels. Nice contrast between some of the items in the image and the ground. The image does seem to be quite busy so it would be nice if there was a main focus for the image.


Just bin it – Commended Christine Harkness - Interesting aspect ratio, which allows more focus to be seen on the finer details of the image. Interesting use of textures between the bin and the ground. It would be nicer to have more of the bin to show a further contrast in the image.


Working wheel – Commended George Service - Interesting framing device between the mud guard and the tarmac giving the wheel plenty of space in the image. Interesting textures in all parts of the image but especially in the grass. it would have been nice if the image has the wheel more centred to allow the image to give more of a focus on the subject (the wheel)


Into the grove – 15 points Hilary Service - The use of texture on the wheel really draws the eye and gives a clear focus for the image. The bottom corner of the image seems to be burned out so it would be nice to see the exposure dropped. It also would be nice to see more of the wheel as the back seems to be cut off into the shadows. 


Too tyred – 15 points David McNay - There is interesting contrast between the synthetic colours of the tractor and the natural colours in the background. It would be nice for the tractor to be more in frame. There also seems to be burnout of the glass in the tractor which means that some detail has been lost.