Week 10 Camera Images
1st place Matilda's Eyeing You up - Eunice Laidlaw
2nd = Clematis - David Young
2nd = Name That Tune - Bob Brown
3rd = Lilac World - Jim Glynn
3rd = And It Was All Yellow - Keith Walker
3rd = Le Coup - Waiting for the coast to clear - Colin Thomson
HC Caught in the Evening Glow - William Niven
HC Colours of Smoke - Willie Hiddleston
C Flaming Beauty - Jim Harkness
C Bubble Cocktail - Karen Hiddleston
C That's Close Enough For Me - Duncan Souter
C Bee Kind - Kathryn Harkness
C Is That a Picture of ME? - Pamela Learmont
Lockdown Lifted - Erin Glynn
Monocular in Monochrome - Dave Vickers
My (Super) Hero - Peter Jordan
Jeremy's delighted he can go fishing again - Angela McNay
Week 10 Phone Images
1st = Old Time Handle - Cameron Walker
1st = Bumble in the Sun - Lauren Thomson
2nd = Orchid - Alison Cresswell
2nd = Into The Groove - Paul Cresswell
3rd = I See - Siobhan Stewart
3rd = Four Leafed Clover - Alison Glynn
HC Through the Window - Morag Walker
C Stone Table Detail - Gordon Walker
Pure Nectar - Carol Stuart
The Cat's Whiskers - Emma Grindell
The World's Bananas - Christine Harkness
Up The Close - David McNay
Bees Today - George Service