Comments - Camera Section


Matilda’s eyeing you up! (20) Eunice Laidlaw – A beautiful portrait of Matilda! The image is sharp and well exposed, and I love the crop positioning the fabulous eye smack on a third which makes for a very pleasing composition.


Clematis (19) David Young - A lovely macro shot of this flower. I      found that there was particularly good control of the depth of field and lighting. Also, I liked the crop which gives a pleasing composition.


Name that Tune (19) Bob Brown – This is a charming portrait of a young lad. The lighting and slight softness to the image gives him a pensive quality which I really like. The catchlights in the eyes work well. Personally, I would have cloned out the dark patch over his left ear, but a lovely image.


Lilac World (18) Jim Glynn – A lovely sharp image with come beautiful colours. I felt that either the whole image should have been included or a much tighter crop used. As it was, I found the cut off edges a little distracting.


And it was all yellow (18) Keith Walker – A sharp image with good use of colour throughout. I found that some of the brighter petals were drawing my eye from the main subject, however, a good composition with nice diagonals.


Le Coup, waiting for the coast to clear (18) Colin Thomson – A well captured shot of this little fella waiting to set off, it has a lovely overall colour palette.  To me the image appears to be going a bit grainy, maybe it has been extensively cropped in, or maybe it has been slightly over sharpened.


Colours of Smoke (17) Willie Hiddleston – A clever use of lighting in this unusual image, the smoke is very effectively captured. I think that the square crop works well, perhaps a very thin border would help to define the image.  Overall, I felt that the image was a little soft.


Caught in the Evening Glow (17) William Niven – Another good macro shot with lovely colours. The shallow depth of field gives a pleasingly blurred background but unfortunately has led to the foreground petal being out of focus.


Flaming Beauty (16) Jim Harkness - A well exposed image of a candle flame, in focus with a nice background. However, I felt that the image needed something more to maintain the viewer’s interest.


Bubble Cocktail (16) Karen Hiddleston – An imaginative use of what I am guessing is a mixture of oil and water. However, I found the background reflection was distracting and I spent some time inverting the image to look at the shed/fence!


That’s close enough for me (16) Duncan Souter – A good sharp image of this plant, and well titled! I thought that approaching the subject from another angle or cropping tighter to eliminate the background elements could have made the image more appealing,


Bee Kind (16) Kathryn Harkness – A nicely composed image, however as a close up shot it was not sharp enough.


Is that a picture of ME? (16) Pamela Learmont – A lot of potential in this set up, a clever idea. Unfortunately, I found the man’s arm in the background and the chocolate packaging too much of a distraction from the main image.


Lockdown Lifted (15) Erin Glynn - I think there was a missed opportunity with this image. There is a lot of potential interest but, as the main subject is right on the edge of the image, I found that I was unsure what I was supposed to be focusing on.


Monocular in Monochrome (15) Dave Vickers – I was not sure what to make of this image. This probably says more about me than the photographer, but whatever the image was meant to say unfortunately it passed me by.


My Super Hero (15) Peter Jordan - A good sharp image with a neutral background. Maybe if Spiderman had been interacting with another hero or object it would have held the interest longer.


Jeremy’s delighted he can go fishing again (15) Angela McNay – As with the Superhero image I felt that we needed to see Jeremy interacting with something ( a pond, or a fish possibly) in order to give the image more interest.

Week 10 – Phone Comments

Thanks to Brian Murphy for choosing this week’s topic. It's amazing what you can see when taking photographs close up. I've based my judgement on this is my early experience of, what I've learnt at Abbey Camera Club. Forgive me for not knowing anything technical.


Old Time Handle – 1st = Cameron Walker


A fabulous close up of a simplistic item. I can’t fault it.


Bumble in the Sun – 1st = Lauren Thomson


This to me is the clearest of the 3 bee photographs submitted. It is in good focus showing much detail. Great faded background. I don’t know if the photographer took ages to get the right shot or it was being in the right place at the right time. I loved it.


Orchid - 2nd = Alison Cresswell


This orchid is so pure, enhanced by the water droplets. The photograph shows the flower being identical on both sides. I wonder if cropping the top would enhance it.


Into The Groove - 2nd = Paul Cresswell


An image that clearly demonstrates the excellent title and tells a story. I wonder if the 2 white parts could have been toned down to make what is a good photograph even better.


I See – 3rd = Siobhan Stewart


What a great choice of subject, which really relates to the topic. Works in black and white. If you remove the white glare from the pupil of the eye, I think this would improve the image.


Four Leafed Clover – 3rd = Alison Glynn


The use of light, I am assuming sunshine, has brought out some lovely veins and colours of the plant. A very minor point I am slightly distracted by the background. I wonder if you slightly zoomed in the orange-ish parts would have disappeared.


Through The Window – Highly Commended Morag Walker


A great subject to choose. It was very clever to have taken a shot of moth blending in with the background. I’m slightly distracted by the light colours. Could they be toned down?


Stone Table Detail – Commended Gordon Walker


I love the colours and homing in of the detail. I’m eager to see a stone table.


Pure Nectar – Carol Stuart


Lovely colours, so much detail. Suggestion to take photograph central. This would show the bee homing in and remove the green area on the left.


The Cats Whiskers – Emma Grindell


I’m assuming this is the photographer’s pet, because of how close the shot has been taken. It definitely grabs the cat’s whiskers. There’s lots of nice detail, a wide eye and colour. It would have been lovely to have seen the cat’s face full on.


The World’s Bananas – Christine Harkness


Loved the title and closeness of the shot. The photographer could try different ways of filming. Such as 1 of the bananas peeled and at a different angle. Well done for trying something different.


Up The Close – David McNay


A different take on Close Up. The photograph draws me to want to go down the close. I wonder if removing the black part below the wording would have brought more detail into the photograph? Shame the name of establishment was restricted. Maybe an opportunity to return and take a shot of the just the round signage.


Bees Today – George Service


All insects to me are really difficult subjects to take photographs of. You just get set up and they’re off. I like how this photograph tells a story. However on this occasion the photograph is slightly out of focus. And possibly would benefit from zooming in to focus on the bee and removal of branch bottom right.