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The Deciding Night

Next Wednesday will see Eddie Telford from Ayr PS come along to judge the last of this year's (2018-2019) digital images. Members will know from the league standings that it is extremely close in all four sections and the final results hinge on Eddie's marks next week.

Eddie has provided this short bio which outlines his photographic journey and credentials.


1963 The first photograph taken was of a polished meteorite when I was a Geological Technician in Edinburgh University.

1967 -1970 Photographed and Filmed the construction of The Meadowbank Stadium in Edinburgh and produced a 16mm film of the 1970 Commonwealth Games.

1971 – 2008 Active in the Construction Industry working in various Sales, Marketing and Business Development roles.

These were the “Barren Years” photographically but nonetheless still making Progress Photographs, Architectural and Interior images.

2009 Joined Ayr Photographic Society and entered my first competition at intermediate level.

2010 This was the year my wife claims my “ILLNESS” of photography developed into an “OBSESSION”

2011 Won League and was promoted to Advanced Level

2012 Was invited to by Scottish Photographic Federation to join their list of approved Judges.

2012 – 2017 Have held the posts of Competition Secretary and President

2018 Currently fairly active in Judging and doing talks at various clubs throughout Scotland.

Really appreciate the opportunity to view other peoples inspirational images and continue to passionately spread the gospel that irrespective of our competitive aims or levels of competence, we should always keep in mind that “Photography Exists For Us To Enjoy” ......it is a hobby and a wonderful arena to meet other enthusiasts.

Eddie has also shared a collection of images that we will house in a temporary gallery alongside the members for a couple of weeks to allow you to see not only the variety but the quality of his images.

Looking forward to a large turnout on Wednesday to see how the leagues finish.

Stormy Dunure

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