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Season Cancelled due to Coronavirus Guidance

Updated: May 28, 2020

Further to advice being offered by the British and Scottish Governments, Keith Walker Chair has written out to all members informing them of the club's position.

Copy of his e-mail below.

Dear All,

Following the Prime Minister’s comments earlier today about avoiding non-essential social contact, I’m sorry to inform you that we must end our season with immediate effect.

I would however make the following points -

There may well be a financial cost for cancelling evenings at Lochvale House.  This is something we will have to live with. However, it may well be that venues like this will need to close temporarily in the coming weeks anyway and this in turn may impact on costs.Most estimates are that it will take two or three months for the situation as regards this disease to become clearer.  Thus, I believe we must cancel the annual print competition and the exhibition at the Oven.  The awards night will probably also have to be put on hold.I believe that we should still get Margaret Elliot to judge the final round of images, make comments and mark them. This information will then be put up on the website allowing at least this aspect of the club’s activities to be tied up.I think that the Chairman’s Challenge now also needs to be done electronically.  Entries should be emailed to Jim Glynn at the club’s email address.  He will remove authors’ names and then send them on to me.  I’m more than happy to mark and comment on submitted images and for those marks and comments to be put up on the website.  Given potential restrictions, I suggest now making the closing date the 15th of April.The AGM and all other committee business will need to be paused until later in the year.  Indeed, it could be August or September before we can start to get things going again.  We will also be able at that point to know what the financial impact has been and take appropriate steps.It will be important that as a club we stay active over the coming weeks.  Consequently, I will, from this Friday be starting a weekly competition.  The idea is that we take images on a particular topic, email them in, judge them ourselves and then award marks.  The top scoring person in any week becomes the judge for the following week.  It’ll be one image per member, scored 15 to 20.  We’ll run it as a mini league and get a trophy for it. Of course, let’s keep the Instagram feed going too.

Please feel free to contact me about any of the above should you wish.

These are strange and unusual times, and I look forward to the day when the main point of conversation is why we disagree with the marks allocated by a judge and not some virus.

Stay well, stay in touch and take care.

All the best, Keith

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