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Monthly Competition (4th) 27th February 2019

This Wednesday we reach the fourth of our monthly competitions. Both the Advanced and the Beginner leagues are very tight and every point is precious in the race to top the respective colour and black & white sections.

The judge for this month is Richard Speirs a member of the Morton PS in Carlisle. The image is from his website and the link below will take you directly to his home page and the opportunity to see the wide range of images that he has put together. I have copied his short bio from the website, which gives an insight into Richard and his photographic history. Looking forward to a great night and the best of luck to all those with images being judged.

Richard Speirs - "My interest in photography dates back too many decades than I care to remember.

I have been a member of Morton Photographic Society in Carlisle for around 35 years.

I was first interested in recording nature images which subsequently grew to include habitats and landscapes.

Now in the 21st Century I enjoy all forms of photographic subjects.  I am fortunate to be invited to lecture and judge in camera clubs in the North of the UK as well as adjudicating in National and International Competitions. I represent the Northern Counties Photographic Federation on the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain where I particularly enjoy being involved in the Awards for Photographic Merit ."