Exhibition Success

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Our annual exhibition is over for another year and the consensus both from the public who visited and club members was that it was a major success.

We had 168 people come through the door over the three days and the feedback was positive in regard to the quality and variety of the images on show. Well, done to all members who were exhibiting their work.

The best image competition saw 119 people submit their choice and there was a wide spread of votes with nearly all images receiving a vote or votes. However, the top three were in order,

1. Pui San Lau with, "Reflections of St Paul's at Night"

2. Alan McNeish with, "Stranger on the Shore/After the Storm"

3. Jim Glynn with, "The Bookworm"

Can we say a big thank you to the Stove Network, especially Kevin Reid who provided invaluable assistance in getting the venue ready as well as advertising the event on their Facebook page. Also, Holywood Primary for the work that they had undertaken and exhibited alongside the Abbey images. Very well done and here's hoping we can do something like this again.

Last but not least, the members of the club who put forward their images as well as those who curated the event and spent time with visitors explaining about the club and encouraging interested visitors to join the club. We have several people who have expressed an interest.

People's Choice Annual Exhibition - Pui San Lau

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