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Edinburgh Fringe 17th August 2019

It is that time of year again when club members head off to Edinburgh for the Fringe and to collect as many images as possible that can be used during the Winter competitions.

The planned date for going to Edinburgh on Saturday 17th August, car sharing from Dumfries to Lockerbie and then a train journey to Waverley Station.

The times for leaving Lockerbie are either 08:32 or 10:31 taking around sixty-five minutes. Returning 16:11 or 18:12 again around the same time to get back.

The price for a return ticket is £20 and it would be possible to book the seats for free if we have the numbers and the cash as quickly as possible.

So please e mail the club at abbeycameraclub@yahoo.co.uk and say whether you are going or if you cannot make it to the day out. Also if you are going can you indicate whether you can take a car to Lockerbie and give people a lift.

Artist at the Fringe - Willie Hiddleston