Awards Night Edenbank Hotel

The awards dinner took place at the Edenbank Hotel last night. Everyone was pleased with meal and the staff were first class.

The evening finished with the awards ceremony. Unfortunately Pui San Lau was on holiday but you will see from the list below she did very well and picked up several awards. The rest of the award winners were present and you will find pictures of the presentations and some pictures of the guests who attended.

Abbey Camera Club Awards 2019

18thMay 2019 Edenbank Hotel

League A Colour – Abbey Shield

Winner – Brian Murphy

Runner Up - William Niven

Third Place – Duncan Souter

League A Black & White – Solway Cup

Winner – Keith Walker

Runner Up - Willie Hiddleston

Third Place – Brian Murphy

League B Colour – Nith Plate

Winner – Pui San Lau

Runner Up – Jim Harkness

Third Place – Muriel Robinson

League B Black & White – Criffel Cup

Joint Winners – Jim Harkness & Pui San Lau

Runner Up – Muriel Robinson

Third Place – Michael Stewart

Annual Print Award

Pui San Lau

Chairman’s Challenge

Jim Harkness

Exhibition – People’s Choice

Pui San Lau

Morton Plate Borders Digital Challenge

Brian Murphy

League 1 Solway Cup B&W

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