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Abbey Camera Club Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How much does it cost to join Abbey Camera Club?

A. The membership from September 2022 will be £40.00 (no attendance fee) per member per year and this could be split  into two payments of £20.00, but if a member prefers to pay up front, then they can get a small discount and pay £38.00 for the year. 

Other payment possibilities can be made available.


Q. Where and when does the club meet?

A. From September to May on a Wednesday night in St Andrews Church Hall, Brooke Street, Dumfries.


Q. What time does the club meet?

A. Usually 7.00pm to 9.00pm on a Wednesday night.


Q. What happens in the summer?

A. When we are not meeting in the club, summer outings to local landmarks and beauty spots are arranged usually on a Wednesday or sometimes at the weekend.


Q. What type of camera should I use?

A. There is no specific type of camera for use at the club. It can be your mobile phone, a compact camera, a bridge camera, a DSLR or a mirrorless camera.


Q. Will I get help using my camera?

A. Yes. Although we do teach photography, help is always at hand from members on how to use your camera.


Q. Do I have to enter competitions?

A. No. This is entirely up to you. Although feedback from judges can be useful in improving your photography.


Q. How do I know what events are coming up?

A. There is a syllabus published on our website. Each member will receive an email or a Facebook notification of the upcoming events.


Q. Is it safe to visit the club during Covid?

A. The current Government Covid Guidelines allow us to meet in the club venue. Appropriate precautions will be in place to allow us to fulfill our syllabus.


Q. Do club members always meet face to face?

A. Club members have met virtually in he past using Zoom. Some meetings on the syllabus will be via Zoom. For example, some judges will score club competitions remotely. For the time being though, we are meeting face to face.


Q. How do I get in touch with the club?

A. You can either email the club at or use the contact page on our website .

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