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Abbey Camera Club


Meeting held on Tuesday 16th January 2024


Present:   Jim Harkness; Steve Sweeting; Brian Gilliespe; Willie Hiddleston; Steph and Eunice Laidlaw.


Minutes of the last meeting.

Everyone had been given a copy of the minutes and had read through them.  No matters arising.  Eight members had gone to Carlisle to take pictures of the Christmas lights.  The wire wool spinning evening at Kilnford was a good night and Bobby Fitszimmons came along with his light wands.



On 28th December the balance in the bank was £1758.43.  The hall rent has already been paid up to May.  Willie received a reminder for the Insurance and that is to be paid by 1st February and it was decided to go with the policy we have had in the past.



Pictures for the Chair’s Challenge have been given to Ricky Nolan and he will give us the results on 31st January.

Judges for the January, February and March competitions still have to be finalized.


Pop up Shop.

It was suggested that we leave the pop-up shop until nearer the summer and only have it for three days.  The amount we were quoted was £50 for the week, but that will still be fine even if we only have it for three days.


We need to make firm plans now and the date suggested is 21st May 2024 for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

We plan to have a Photo exhibition, Tombola and Studio for portraits.  Member can also sell anything they have surplus off etc.

Brian can get tables and chairs from the church and Steve has a trailer but parking to unload may be a problem although there is access from the rear of the centre, and Jim to contact the person in charge.



Steve has spoken to his printer but without a firm plan he couldn’t get a price and the cost and time factor means it would probably be too expensive.


The results of the December competition, judged by John McVie, will be on 24th January and the closing date for the January competition is 26th January.


There being no further business we then viewed and chose the images for the 3-way competition.

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