Committee Information

Minutes Committee Meeting held on the 18 October 2019

Abbey Camera Club

Minutes of Meeting Held on 18th October 2019



Present: Keith Walker; Jim Harkness; Brian Murphy; William Niven and Eunice Laidlaw.


Apologies from: Alan McNish; Jim Glynn; Willie Hiddleston; Brian Gillespie Angus Stuart and Pamela.


Keith opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.  He said we have had a good opening to our new session, which included the Damien Demoulder evening which was much enjoyed.


Arising from the minutes:


Keith still has the trophies that was intended to be used for the Dock Park project, so he plans to use them in the next three weeks for the best Instagram photo from club members.  It will be his choice.


One of our judges is unable to come now but Jim Glynn has managed to get a replacement.


Keith forgot to send out the, ‘committee responsibilities’, but it has been put on the members section of the website.


Members who went on the Beamish trip had a good time and all enjoyed it.  It was £167.00 for the bus and fares drew in £130.00, but with the Damien Demoulder talk the club ended up only about £12.00/£13.00 out of pocket.


From the Agenda:


4.  Dumfries Camera Club are having an exhibition at Caerlaverock and Jim Harkness asked about Abbey having one.  Dumfries Camera Club had no prices on their images and when asked about that they said that the images were not good enough to sell, only to exhibit.

Keith asked if we wanted to go ahead and it was voted that we do, and February was decided on.  Caerlaverock take commission on any sales so it was decided not to put images up for sale.

Jim Harkness is happy to organise it and William will help.

Keith thought a launch party would be a good idea and William proposed that all the frames should be the same.


5.  At the moment we have £2287.93 in the bank, so it has been decided that we purchase frames for the members.  Willie thought A4 frames, but it was decided that we need the larger ones.  We plan to purchase thirty and it was discussed whether we buy outright or have members contribute.  Jim Harkness proposes the club buys them.  It was also suggested by Jim that we buy ready cut mounts but since the club has its own mount cutter it was proposed that we cut our own and the club will get the mount card.

Keith will investigate where we can get them and if we can get a discount.  William suggested that we say to prospective suppliers that we can advertise where we purchased the frames etc. from.

We will do an evening of mount cutting and set a date for when images are to be in by.


            6.  Abbey Camera Club library.  We will try and build up a library of books and discs and they can be put out each club evening for members to borrow, but not on a guest speaker night.  It was also suggested that we have a register for members to sign the articles in and out.


            7.  Location for Wire Wool spinning.  Brian brought this up and suggests the Skate Park at Kingholm.  He will contact the local Community Officer to let them know what we intend doing and to invite the officer along on the night.  

A suggestion was also made that we could use something like Christmas Lights or torches.


            8.  Models for Portrait Night.  William will contact Ross to see if he would come back.  Keith suggests that sometime in the future we try to seek out a professional model.  Brian also suggested asking John Pearson if he could give us some contacts.

Eunice suggested a poster in Lochvale inviting models and Keith suggests we ask the Beauty class that use Lochvale.

William says that when we have a portrait night people tend to back away and that we should try to make the photographer and model more comfortable.

Also, on portrait nights we could have two or three tabletop set ups for the members that are not shooting at the time.

Props will also be required, and Brian will bring a lamp and a mat.  Keith will bring some material and Eunice can bring a sheepskin rug.  Any other props will be welcome.  Jim Harkness will email Jim Glynn to contact club members.


Digi-recorder.  A decent one can by purchased for £25.00 so it was decided to go ahead and get one.


Colin Campbell has questioned the rule that competition images be no more that two years old.  After some discussion it was decided that we can allow older images if they have not been in competition before.  However, since this is in the constitution, we will need to have an E.G.M. and this is set for 20th November and since it is only a one article change it can be done on a normal club night.  Eunice to email Jim Glynn to send out notification to all members.  This change will bring us in line with SPF rules.


Three Way Competition.  It is Loreburn Camera Club’s turn to host this event.  Keith will approach the Stewartry and Loreburn to remind them that this is coming up and seek clarification on the organisation.  This is normally held in February.

Five Way Competition.  This would comprise Abbey, Loreburn, Dumfries, Stewartry and U3A.  Brian Murphy will get in touch with Gordon Rae and Keith says Abbey will be happy to host it as we have an ideal venue. Jim Harkness suggests that we use winning images from our monthly competitions.


Willie sent through details of the SPF Digital competition and the closing date is 3rd November.  40 images will be required from the club and someone will have to go to Stirling on the day.  

The date is Sunday 17th November and club entry fee would be £20.00.  It is open to the public and the entry on the door will be £7.00.  

Brian Murphy thinks we should enter although Keith is concerned that as a club, we are not quite there yet and wouldn’t like the club to feel low over it if we did not do well.

Jim Harkness says we need to start somewhere.

We could use images from Competitions and Keith thinks that the club could pay for travelling expenses for whoever is going to attend.

A subgroup should be set up and Jim Harkness suggests we ask the competition secretary to chair it.

Keith will email Jim Glynn to let him know what is proposed.

Brian Murphy and William Niven are willing to go in with them.  Next club meeting it will be brought up and offered to all members if they want to come on board.

Brian Murphy thinks we should also put forward images for the Scottish Salon.


William says it has been suggested that we put images up in the café.


After members looking at the yearbook, we did a few years ago, Brian thinks we should make this an annual thing and the committee agreed.


Keith says the storage of the Studio Lights is an issue and we may need to get better storage containers.  A stock check should be done, and each set catalogued and Eunice also suggests photographing the sets.  We need to encourage members to use them.  Possibly get a smaller bag to hold one single light and Jim Harkness suggests a label maker so we can identify the items.


We have an exhibition planned for the end of November in the Stove, which has been booked.  When we get our frames members can submit one image each and the club will have them printed by D.S. Colour Labs.  On the Wednesday before the exhibition we can put everything together and Keith will set up a meeting with the Stove and William and Brian will attend.


William has thoughts about taking lighting out with us next summer to make use of them.


There being no further business it is proposed that the next meeting be Thursday 14th November at 3 p.m., and an email will be sent out to the committee.