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Abbey Camera Club


Minutes of meeting held on Wednesday 2nd September 2020


Present:  Eunice Laidlaw; Brian Gillespie; Jim Harkness; Willie Hiddleston; William Niven; Pamela Learmont; Angus Stuart; Keith Walker.


Keith opened the meeting and thanked everyone for coming along.  The meeting being held on the outdoor seating area at Kilnford courtesy of Maurice Mcmenemy.  We were also provided with tea/coffee and millionaire shortbread.


Apologies from Jim Glynn, Brian Murphy, and Alan McNish.


Keith thanked everyone who entered the summer on-line competitions and deemed them a success.  Gus said thanks should also go to Jim Glynn and Jim Harkness who organised them and Keith seconded that.


Switch of venue from Lochvale House to St. Andrews church hall.

Although Lochvale was ideal at first, we found that the room allocated to us upstairs was not entirely suitable because of the access and number of members.  Willie suggested St. Andrews church hall and he and Keith went along to see the hall and speak to person in charge.  We are to get it for £10.00 an hour and there is space to have our cupboard there as well as access to another cupboard for storage.  Keith thanked Willie for putting us on to them.


The bank details do not need to be changed as it is Willie’s address that all correspondence comes to.  Keith will let the SPF know and Willie will look into the Insurance.


We need to organise to move the stuff from Lochvale to the church hall and a Friday was thought to be the best day.  Gus will provide his trailer for moving the cupboard and Willie will arrange to get the key.  We will sort out the contents and decide what is to be done with some of the stuff that we never use.  Colin will get the printer.  Keith has informed Lochvale that we are moving and why.  Masks and sanitizer will be required.  A padlock and hasp will be needed for the cupboard door and Gus will book a slot at the recycling centre.


Indoor Meetings.

Keith had received a long-detailed email from Libby Smith, which he will forward to the committee members.  It is not possible to say when we can meet indoors yet as things can change so quickly.  Keith asked who has done Zoom meetings but it would not be ideal.


Guidelines from PAGB say if we have any meetings, they have to be strictly risk assessed by committee and members.  Gut feeling is that indoor meetings be postponed until next year.  It was agreed by the committee that we wait until at least Phase 4.


Occasional Outings may be organised, and a Sunday was suggested.  Some ideas included Carrick Shore; Barrhill Wood at Kirkcudbright; Drumlanrig Estate; Inn on the Loch for water sports and Dumfries and Galloway Gliding club.  Jim Harkness will find out more about the gliding club.  Keith said we need to have a structured programme that can be posted on the website.  Evening light trails and low light photography can also be included.


Brian would normally do the syllabus but as he is now working Keith will have a word with him and is willing to put a list of events together.


Morris has also offered for us to come to Kilnford and he will organise a chef to cook something, which we will be able to sample.  We can take images of the cooking and the food.  Morris can then have some printed for advertising at Kilnford.


The SPF have a DVD of Port Folios’ at a charge of £10.00.  We could put them up on Zoom and do a vote on the images.


William has an idea of doing Project work of Dumfries Town Centre.  Movable display boards could be used to show prints in libraries, The Stove etc.


Willie asked if Morris would let us come out to Kilnford to do a portrait night.


From now until we can have indoor meetings there will be no members fee.  William is keen to work towards a project at the end of the year.


Keith has registered with PAGB for their talks which could be shown via Zoom.  Jim says that Zoom limits you to 40 minutes.



Willie says one colour and one black and white.  It was suggested asking a judge to critic images online.  Images and critic could be put on the website. 

William suggests asking a judge that we have had before that that knows us.

Competition to be Open and same scoring as before.

First entry to be in by end of 1st week in October and sent to Jim Harkness.  Sized to 1200.



Trophies to be given to last years winners and Keith will organise that.  The engraving can wait until after Christmas.


Brian Gillespie pointed out that sometimes members do not get emails with information.  It was decided to send emails with a receipt as communication is important.

Jim Harkness opens the Club emails from time to time and there have been unread emails occasionally and he wondered who monitored them.  Keith is happy for Jim Harkness to take on the monitoring of the club emails.


It was agreed that Eunice, as secretary, will do any Paperwork – i.e. Minutes.

Jim Glynn will do the competition.  Jim Harkness the emails.

Willie pointed out that Alec did not have email, but he will ring him and find out.


Pam said that she has never done light trails and would not know where to start, but she was reassured that members will help.


Willie said we have £1810.58 in the bank.


Gus suggested a newsletter and Keith will organise this.


Jim Glynn has suggested updating the website, but it was decided to wait meantime as Keith is doing something with the Royal Photographic Society and Square looks like a good option for photographic clubs.  It costs £143.00 to renew the subscription with Wix.


William asked if we could do an Annual Print competition in January, but we will have to wait and see what happens in the next few months.


Exhibition at Caerlaverock.

Jim Harkness says there are a few changes happening there so that will be on hold meantime.


We discussed benefits of working with other clubs, but Keith says it is challenging to communicate sometimes, however he will share some of our outdoor trips with others.


There being no further business the meeting closed.

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