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Abbey Camera Club


Minutes of meeting held on Friday 27th August 2021.

Present Brian Gillespie; Jim Harkness; Keith Walker; William Niven; Euan McLean; Eunice Laidlaw; Angela McNay and Willie Hiddleston.


Apologies from Alan McNiesh.


Keith opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.


Matters Arising.

Keith has been in touch with Angie Gilmour she indicated that some of their members may come to our photo safari, and she may also be persuaded to be a judge for December.


The Stewartry club are not having any indoor meetings until 2022.


Katie Anderson has been in touch with Keith, and we will invite her to come along to one of our meetings.


Keith emailed a local Scout group and Graham Dickie, who is head of the 57th Dumfries group has been in touch.  Willie said that the Cubs also do a photography badge, but it was suggested that we are best to stay with the older groups.


Exhibition:  the topic is a single one and is Dumfries and Water, not too separate subjects.  William asked if the images need to be recent and we will ask Katie when she comes to a meeting.


Jim has got photos for the photobook and Willie and him will liaise.  The book will be 6 x 4.


The 3 – way competition will be held at Ringford on the 2nd of March 2022 and Stewartry is organising it.  Jim to find out when the entries to be in and we will choose our selection on 19th January 2022.


The cost for Margaret Salisbury is to be £40.00.


Angela asked about the poster and the QR code and Keith demonstrated that it works.  Willie asked where we are getting them printed and how many and it was decided to go to Print Copy and get 200 A4 done, and Angela will organise that.


We also plan to have a leaflet – A4 folded in three – and in it we can have name of club, where and when we meet, a bit of history of the club and the QR code.  William suggested adding Frequently asked Questions, but we decided to have that on the website.  It was also suggested that once the committee approves the leaflet it then be put out to members for their opinion.  Angela suggests having them ready for the photo safari.


Photo Safari.  Members and visitors will be split into teams and each team will be given a list of 12 subjects and they will have one and a half hours to shoot them.  Keith suggests using mobile phones and then email the images to the club that evening.  Ewan thought that the files might be large and take up a lot of space.


Current Covid and indoor meetings.  We need a plant to what may happen in the next few weeks.  We will need to take names and contacts of members for track and trace, but if numbers keep rising, we will have to think again about having indoor meetings.  William asked if we would go back to on-line meetings.  Euan asked if we could postpone the indoor meetings, but Willie said it is a large hall and we can easily distance.  William asked if we make our own safety rules.  Brian thinks we should delay, and Angela is divided on whether we should be in or out.  William thinks we should err on the side of precaution and take things month by month.


It was decided not to start on the 15th of September but keep the 22nd of September as it is at Kilnford, and we can easily make that safe.  The 29th of September is almost exclusively outside, and we will have another committee meeting in a few weeks to see how things are going.  A lot of the meetings up to the end of the year can go on-line.


Angela said that a lot of members did not participate in the on-line meetings last year and wonders how we keep these members.  It may be possible to have meetings during the day at weekends.  Willie suggested a revised syllabus as an alternative.


The next committee meeting will be Friday 24th September at Kilnford – 3.15 p.m.


Willie wanted to know what to tell the hall.  We won’t be in on the 15th of September, we are at Kilnford on the 22nd and we can decide on how we are to go ahead at the meeting.


The preparation for the photo safari can be done in the carpark.


Willie asked about getting the membership payments in and it was decided to get them on 6th October, if we are in the hall.


Willie can bring backdrops etc. for the food photography.


A suggestion for the 15th of September is to do Sunsets and we decided on Powfoot.  It will be a social get together and if we bring a cup Keith will to tea/coffee.


The first competition is to be in for the 8th of October.


Jim asked if members could send in a selection of images taken from our summer outings to put on the website and they could also be put on a memory stick and run as a slide show.  William said can it put on the first page of the website.


William wanted to know when Brian and he will meet Katie so Keith will be in touch with her, and a Saturday would be best for them.


Angela to approach Graham and Justine about images for the Big Burns Supper event and find out what they would like.  Willie asks if we would be able to take photos.  Keith is also going to contact the 4 x 4 club.


There being no further business the meeting closed

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