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                                                                          Abbey Camera Club

Minutes of meeting held on Thursday 25th August 2022


Present:  Keith Walker; Eunice Laidlaw; Willie Hiddleston; Brian Gillespie; Jim Harkness; Angela McNay; Euan McLean: William Niven.


Keith opened the meeting and thanked everyone for coming.


Matters arising from previous minutes:


The new mount cutter has not been purchased yet.

The trip to the fringe was a success.

Beamish – Keith has not had an estimate of cost from the Thornhill and District bus yet.

Spider – it will possibly sit in the cupboard and not get used and can it calibrate laptops.

Keith has purchased a second-hand projector at a cost of £270.00, although it looks new.


Finance – If everyone joins the club again this session there will possibly be thirty-one members and maybe a further five not on the current list.  Twelve have paid their membership so far.  Keith is going to try and get his name on the account as a signatory.  We will have a clearer situation on funds once the next bank statement comes in, and after members have paid.  It was suggested that we pay the hall rent up front so that there is not too much money in the account if we plan to apply for funding.


The presentation Keith is putting together for the fist night is underway and he has not put any names to the images.


Caerlaverock – five images were sold and money to be paid to the members whose images they were.  Willie asked if those members still had to pay for frames.

Jim still has some framed images, and he will bring them next week to the club.

An exhibition has been pencilled in for next year, April into May.  Caerlaverock take thirty percent and the images sold for thirty pounds.

Keith is to contact the stove re: an exhibition in early November.  We will go for an opening evening again.  Prints to be ten by eight and the theme is to be Life in Dumfries and Galloway.  If there are too many submitted, then the committee will whittle them down.


Distinctions Update – all have withdrawn from the course, although not sure if Alan has.  Rod Wheelans will come and do another evening along the same lines as the one he did last session.


Bus Trip to Edinburgh – Keith got an invoice for £133.80, of which £130.00 was taken on the day so the club will cover the extra £3.80.  Before the next meeting Keith will, hopefully, be a signatory on the account and will enquire about get authorisation for paying out by internet banking.


New Member Support – We need to support and mentor new members.  Keith suggests meeting new members during the day, or when they are free, and having a walk, take pictures and maybe have a cuppa and chat.  Euan suggested identifying members who are willing to help others and we can talk about that on our first night in.


Keith wants to set up the Chrome book and projector and get onto a zoom, and the plan is to do that on Tuesday 6th September at 6.30 p.m.


AOCB – We talked about the possibility of getting a larger screen and Willie will speak to Father Gerald about having a fixed one. 


Angela wants a list of equipment we want to fund raise for, i.e., Printer, spider, judges/speaker’s fees.  Keith also wondered if we could raise funds to help with fees on courses and he plans to go to Shambellie and discuss courses.  On plan would be to take the whole place for a day.  Jim has had people asking about a course on photoshop.


Angela asked about the posters, with stickers on them, and they had been handed round the evening we were at Dunscore, however Keith had some in the car for her.


Agenda for next week – Keith has got images members sent in and he is doing an Audio Visual for the first night.  New members will hear about the things we do as a club, the competitions, speakers and outdoor shoots. The fee system will be explained.  We will then have time for a cuppa, some nibbles and chat, where members can make new members welcome.  Angela to sort out some food.


Angela has been approached by two teachers from Calside school who are keen to have a photography course for the pupils.  We can do that and need to find out about dates.  This could be added to the funding list to buy some point and shoot cameras.


William suggested that some of the shoots we do in the summer we could do in the winter, like visit the Crichton Church.


The bonus ball starts again next week, and Willie will ask for four weeks, in advance.


There being no further business the meeting closed, and the next meeting will be Tuesday 27th September at 6.45 p.m.

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