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Minutes of meeting held on Friday 24th September 2021

Present Brian Gillespie; Jim Harkness; William Niven; Euan McLean; Eunice Laidlaw; Angela McNay and Willie Hiddleston.


Apologies from Keith Walker.


In the absence of Keith, Jim took the meeting and welcomed everyone.


Further to Keith and Morag’s sad news it was decided to send a card from the club.


The minutes of the last meeting had been distributed to the committee and approved, proposed by Angela, and seconded by Willie.


Willie has had photo books done with the images members took of Dumfries at night.  They were handed round, and it was agreed that we could get more printed and offer then for sale.


The three-way competition will be held on the 2nd March 2022 in Ringford hall and the Stewartry club to host.  Members will be invited to put forward two images each by middle of February, then the best will be put forward for the competition.


Euon has prepared a flyer which looks good, and he will organise printing.  William suggested we have twenty printed and Euon thought fifty, he will check costs.  Angela had two hundred posters printed from Print Copy in English Street, at a cost of £54.00.


Volunteer photographers are invited to take photos at the Big Burns Supper.  Anyone interested needs to register to get a ticket to take photos at the events.  Euon has registered and will be meeting with them on 7th October.  Angela has been in contact with Alison about displaying images in the old Next shop in the Loreburn Centre where advertising and sale of tickets for the events will be.


Six members, so far, have submitted images for the website that had been taken over the summer.


Willie asked if Keith had been in touch with the scouts yet, but we have not heard, he said that the Cubs and Beavers also do photography badges.


The Kilnford evening photo shoot was a huge success and Eunice to write a thank you letter.


Next meeting, 29th September, will be the Photo Safari.  Members to meet at the church hall and each team will be given an envelope with subjects.  Teams will then go off and take photos for the subject they have been given.  Camera’s or ‘phones can be used.  The teams will then meet back at the hall and decide which twelve images to submit by email to Keith.


Willie suggested leaving the collection of subscriptions until the 6th October when we will be in.  That night Alan Wright is coming to give us a talk and visitors from Stewartry and Loreburn to be invited.  Numbers to be requested and assure them that Covid precautions will be in place.  Willie thinks the capacity of the hall will be about one hundred and he will find out if they supply the sanitisers etc.


Jim has prepared some membership forms and Willie suggests that everyone fills one in.  Existing members will keep their numbers and new members will get issued with a number.  The bonus ball will also start on the 6th October and Angela suggest that Willie explains it for any new members.


Angela will bring the posters to the October 6th meeting for distribution.


At present we have twenty-seven members and 3 potential new ones.  The subscription will be “20.00 for new members, £25.00 for existing members and £15.00 for students.  Any members under 16 years should be accompanied by an adult, this does not appear on the constitution and will be brought up and included at our next AGM or at an EGM.


Members had an informal discussion about implications of the Covid situation on indoor meetings when they were on the outdoor shoot at Powfoot.  Everyone said they were happy to go indoors again.  A track and trace form should be used, and Brian thought it should have time in and time out as well, but it was thought that names and contact details would be sufficient.  Jim has printed everyone’s name on a sheet, but it was thought it best if members signed in manually.  The sheet is to be kept secure and destroyed after 21 days.



Willie asks if we are going to be in the hall for Zoom meetings.  Keith is going to make arrangements for a hot spot so that we can be in.


The next meeting will be four weeks from now on 22nd October at Kilnford at 3 p.m.


There being no further business the meeting closed.

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