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Abbey Camera Club

Meeting held on Thursday 23rd March 2023


Present:  Willie Hiddleston; Jim Harkness; Eunice Laidlaw; Euan McLean; Keith Walker.

Apologies:  Angela McNay; William Niven; Brian Gillespie.


Keith opened the meeting and thanked everyone for coming.


Matters arising from the last meeting.

Keith has not spoken to Brian Murphy yet but is hoping to see him soon.


We have purchased the larger screen and Keith still has to give Willie the receipt.


Dave Moyes name, not Myres.


Euan and Keith went to the Dave Moyes exhibition open night and the proceeds are going to a suicide charity.


Rod Wheelans had confirmed for the 4th of April but the date has changed to Tuesday 18th.


Stove Exhibition:

This will run from 10th to 27th May in the Stove.  Images to be mounted all on the same card and two images per person can be submitted.  Euan suggested the mount be 16 x 12 but members can decide the size of the print.



We have £1235.07 in the bank and £95.00 cash in hand.  No further forward with on-line banking.



Bonus Ball – will we run it through the summer. A lot of members do pay through DD and if everyone pays up front before we break for summer outings, then we will keep it going.


Caerlaverock Exhibition:

We need to purchase new frames and members can bring back the frame they used last time or provide their own.

The club will buy the mountboard and members to pay for what they need.  Get all the same colour. The Range to be asked if they can do a deal.


Jim would like someone to help him mount and frame the Caerlaverock images and the exhibition starts on 16th April so we will do mount cutting on 5th and 12th April.


Joint Meetings with Dumfries and Stewartry clubs:

It was decided it was not really of any benefit to have joint meetings with Dumfries Camera Club.  Jim thought it would be more beneficial to have joint meetings with Stewartry Camera Club.   However, if we have a guest speaker we may be able to invite other Camera Clubs.



Two competitions to go.

Should we have themes and suggestions for judges. Willie thought now that we do some over Zoom we could have judges from overseas.

We could keep themed competitions nearer the start of the session so that members have all summer to take photographs.

It was decided that leagues have not been missed.

Keith to contact Libby Smith to check if she is coming down.


End of Year Awards:

This will be Friday 19th or Saturday 20th May and take the form of a buffet in the hall.


Print competition and Annual.

Nith Plate, possible for a junior member.

Public choice trophy – possibly use for the Stove exhibition.

Keith is keen to have a trophy for a junior member, and also for Photographer of the Year.


Celebrating Women in Photography at Shambellie:

This would include Joan, Steph, Mary, Caroline, Eunice, Gill, and Diane.  There will be various talks and exhibitions. It is to be held at the end of May, beginning of June and any feedback from members who attend would be appreciated.


Dumfries Museum:

They are more than happy for us to visit but probably not an evening one, could be a Saturday morning.

They have images from the Kissling Collection, who was a photographer based in Dumfries and Galloway and they have a large collection of images.  They may possibly come to the club and give a talk. Keith to arrange this.


A suggestion for a trip out would be the Botanic Gardens, Glasgow, and a date for that was put forward as 24th May.


It was asked around the table who is willing to stay on the committee.  Jim is willing to stay on but would like to step back a bit from his many duties, so Euan is willing to help out with the competition entries.


Keith is keen to step back due to other commitments but is happy to do a transition period to whoever would like to step up. A couple of suggestions were put forward as a possible new Chair.


Suggestion for future syllabus:

Once a month, judge.

Once a month a talk.

Practical nights.

Editing nights.

Wire wool spinning.


Evening shoots.


Kitchen Coos and Ewes.


Barnhill Woods – Squirrels.



Aviation Museum.

Walk round Dumfries.


There being no further business the meeting closed.

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