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Abbey Camera Club


Meeting held on Tuesday 28th November 2023


Present:   Willie Hiddleston; Eunice Laidlaw; Jim Harkness; Brian Gillespie; Steve Sweeting; Angela McNay; Steph Lavell.


The meeting opened and the minutes of the last meeting were gone through and matters arising were as follows: -


Proposed exhibition in the Loreburn Centre. 

Jim and Angela went along and met with Michael who showed them two available units, the first being too large but the second one was in the old West Sound Unit and was a better size.  The cost was quoted at £50.00 for a week, but this was not confirmed.  It was thought that it is not feasible to put on an exhibition now before Christmas and we are now looking at the week commencing 24th February, in time for Mother’s Day.

It was discussed how we would go forward with doing portraits and Stevie to do some research on costings for a photo package or USB sticks and also a photo booklet.


Update on trophies.

This is still on going and Stevie and Brian to get costs of medals or small trophies that winners can keep but are still being presented with the annual trophy.


Outing to Carlisle for Christmas Lights.

It has been suggested by Paul that we make the club night Thursday, 14th December, as that will be late opening night in Carlisle.  This to be circulated to members.


Wire Wool Spinning.

This proved to be a very enjoyable evening at Kilnford.  Bob Fitsimmons brought along his Colour wands and Pixel stick which went down well.  Eunice has suggested getting colour wands for the club, but Pixel sticks are not now available.  The wire wool spinning went well, and members got some good results.



Willie has not had an updated bank statement since the last meeting.  The rent for the hall has now been paid for the year at the same rate as last year.


An email was sent to us from Richard Spiers thanking us for the donation to the Eden Valley hospice after his excellent talk at the club.  It was very interesting and informative.


Syllabus Review.

The syllabus for the remaining year to May 2024 was gone through and blanks spaces filled in.  When these are confirmed, the updated syllabus will be circulated to members.


Jim to put out a message to all members that the deadline for the November competition has been extended to 8th December.  This is also the deadline for the Chairs Challenge print competition.  It was suggested that Ricky Nolan be asked to judge this.  We will have an evening cutting mounts for this.



It was suggested we ask William Niven to give a talk on his university course and show some of the images he has done for that.  Two speakers suggested by the Stewartry club to be asked to fit in when William confirms which date he can do.  Other suggestions are for a member’s judging night, a fun night and photoshop/affinity night.  Eunice to ask Mark from Thornhill about a photoshop night.


Members are to be asked to submit 5 images to go forward to the final submissions for the 3-way competition.  Jim to find out what the rules are for this.  The committee will choose the final twenty images to go forward.


Web site and Communications.

Jim will stand down from being web master at the AGM in May and he has sounded out Paul who is keen to take this on.  He can be co-opted onto the committee until the AGM, when he can then be proposed to come onto the committee.  It was also suggested that his wife, Kath, be asked if she would like to take on the communications side.


Angela has also announced that she would like to stand down from the committee at the AGM.


Eunice checked with Angela if it would be okay for her and Kath to provide some festive food for the last meeting in the hall before Christmas, which will be 6th December.


Eunice to check the SPF regarding membership.  It was questioned whether we should carry on with membership and decided that we would meantime.


Keith has a prospective new club member interested and she will be charged half the annual membership if she joins for the remainder of the year.


The next meeting will be on Tuesday 16th January and will be a committee meeting and choosing the final twenty images for the 3-way.


There being no further business the meeting closed.

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