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Abbey Camera Club


Meeting held on Thursday 17th August 2023


Present:  Euan McLean; Willie Hiddleston; Eunice Laidlaw; Jim Harkness; Brian Gillespie; Steph Lavell; Steve Sweeting; Angela McNay.


Euan opened the meeting and thanked everyone for coming, and welcomed the two new committee members, Steph and Steve.



At present we have £1097.62 in the bank.  There will be some bonus ball winnings to come off that, but the finances are still healthy. 

The bus costs for the trip to the festival were less than the fares paid and there is an excess of £20.00 and, after much discussion, it was decided to hold that over and use it to reduce fares for the next time the club uses the minibus.

Willie asked if the membership would stay at the same as last year and, providing the hall rent is the same, it was decided that the membership will stay at £30.00 for the year.


Euan suggests we spend some of the money before doing any fund raising or applying for grants.  A new laptop and projector screen to be purchased.  Euan also mentioned that we should look into boosting the wi-fi and Eunice asked if we need to purchase a new extension lead.



Do we get the trophies in and engraved or do we get new trophies and let the present winners keep the old ones.

Angela suggested that we fundraise to cover the cost of trophies. 

The possibility of purchasing smaller trophies each year and winners keep them.  Eunice suggested Crystal glasses.

Steve and Brian to look into costs.


Willie wondered if we have a points system for competitions or will it be the winner of the last competition that gets the trophy.  The overall agreement was for annual winners and not have points or leagues.


Syllabus Review.

Euan is looking at the syllabus and filling in the blanks.  Keith had done it up to December and Jim has a copy on file, along with contact numbers that may be useful.  Euan will need contacts for the Stove for our next exhibition.


Willie wondered when the 3-way competition will be and who is hosting the next one, and it was thought it may be Loreburn.


Willie mentioned putting posters up to advertise the club, but Euan would rather not for the time being as we have 40 members, and it was thought that to have many more members would be detrimental to the club.  We will carry on as we are meantime and Jim will email all current members and include the membership cost.



An exhibition at Caerlaverock is scheduled for the beginning of May for four weeks.  Eunice mentioned an exhibition in Thornhill.  We want to look into the shops in the Quarter in Dumfries, rather than having the exhibition in the Stove and Angela will approach the Management in the Loreburn Centre to find out about the former Body Shop space.


Contacts with Office Bearers and Committee.

Euan doesn’t think they should have to use their own emails and any matters arising can be discussed over What’s App or the club email and brought up at the next committee meeting.


Competition Co-ordinator.

Jim Glynn is stepping back from this as he is waiting for surgery.  Euan will cover at the moment as there will only be two competitions up to Christmas.  He also thinks there should be a separate competition email.


Club Nights.

Euan is looking to have more practical nights using cameras.  The first night back will be paying subscriptions, what’s coming up and what the club did over the summer. 

The 6th of September will be “Show and Tell”, with members showing half a dozen images of what we did over the summer.

A meet-up with the Stewartry club for a walk round the town then refreshments in the hall is planned for the 13th of September.

The Photo Safari will be on the 27th of September and the Fair will be in town then.


Competitions will be the same as last year, three images, own choice and colour or B and W.


Joint meetings with Stewartry            have been mentioned but they also meet on a Wednesday night, however Jim will forward a copy of their syllabus and members can go to any meetings if something interests them.



Willie asked if we stay with the same website provider or try another – no decision was made so will stay with the same one meantime.


Angela wondered if the Facebook page was private or public as someone had put a like on and they were not a member.  When new membership is drawn up, we need to make sure only members can access it.


Steve wondered if we could do a club calendar and it was thought this might be a good plan but will have to be done soon.  Need to look into the cost of this.


There being no further business the meeting closed. 


The next meeting will be on 28th September.

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