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Abbey Camera Club

Minutes of meeting held on Thursday 16th February 2023


Present:  Keith Walker; Eunice Laidlaw; Willie Hiddleston; Brian Gillespie; Jim Harkness;  William Niven; Euan McLean.

Apologies: Angela McNay.


Keith opened the meeting and thanked everyone for coming.


Matters arising from previous minutes:



The Caerlaverock exhibition went well and some images were sold.  We are having another one there soon.

The Stove exhibition was good and the opening night was a great success.  We will have another one there but maybe try for the place across the street that has more space.


Club Nights.

The members who attended the nightscape photography at Southerness enjoyed it and learned a lot.


The wire wool spinning, which was to be at the skate park and ended up at Kilnford, was a success and members agreed it was a good place to have it.

The portrait night with Sheree and her girls was a good night but maybe next time we could try for two or three models and have two or three set ups so that it doesn’t resemble a, “Paparazzi”,  shoot.  Keith knows of someone who may come along and model.



We have approximately 36 paid up members.

At this time we have £1237.64 in the bank and £195.00 cash in hand.

The online banking will need to wait until Keith has been put on as a signatory.  Jim looked into the setting up of online banking he says it is expensive.

The cheque to the SPF has not been cashed yet.


Other Items.

Angela had organised a trip to Beamish but unfortunately it was a wet day.


Keith has had a meeting with Melanie McEwan from Shambellie about taking the place for a club day.  This is still to be arranged.


It was mentioned that we might do a calendar so members to start gathering images that might be suitable, ie. Seasonal and local.  This would need to be finished and printed by August.  It had been suggested that the proceeds may go to Brian Murphy, but Keith has not spoken to him yet.

Colin suggested a larger screen for the club as it is not always easy to make out images properly if someone is at the back of the room, Keith will organise this.



All of the 3-way images have gone to Richard Spiers now.  Had confirmation back that he can bring his laptop and projector.  Members to be asked to provide raffle prizes and Willie will get the raffle tickets.


Next Friday is the closing date for the February competition which is themed, Portrait, Close up and Landscape.


Joint Evening.

Kim Ayres has confirmed the date and Dumfries club have been contacted.


Dave Myres from Dumfries Camera Club has an exhibition in the Stove.  Next week is his open night and Keith plans to go.


Print Competition.

It was discussed getting better prints done for the print competition and about colour space and paper quality.  A 16 x 12 print on good paper would cost about £9.00.  Loxely will send free samples of paper.  Euan suggested better quality prints for exhibitions but not so much for in house competitions.


Keith suggests two prints for the competition and Euan suggests one colour and one mono.  William thought it a good idea to have one print done on different papers and compare them.  Jim to pick a mono and a colour from stock and get both printed on three different types of paper.  We will use DS Colour labs for now as Loxley can be a bit more expensive and we would have to set up an account.



Next week is the results of the January competition.  The prints to be in by 29th March for the print competition. 

Willie to check that the hall is free on the 4th and 5th April.


Rod Wheelans.

Rod has confirmed for Tuesday 4th April.

It was put forward that to get better in competitions should be put someone through the CAPG and Keith is willing to do it.  Euan said of the ones who started it earlier in the session none of them completed and all dropped out.  He doesn’t think it would be worth his while, better to look at our images and how to tidy them up.

We could have an editing night and members could bring along one image and discuss what could be done to improve it.


The 8th March will not now be product photography, but snapseed instead. 


It was decided to move the submission date for the April competition to 7th April and the judging evening will be the 19th April.  Willie and Euan will be the judges and will they judge them separately or together.  Willie asked if they can judge them in May, so submission date will be 14th April and judging evening 3rd May.  It may possibly be a themed competition.


We plan an editing evening on 19th April.


Caerlaverock Exhibition.

This will start on 16th April and submissions to be in by 29th March.  One or two images per person and it is to be Landscape and Wildlife.


Stove Exhibition.

Keith to speak to Katie Anderson and see if we can have in in May/June time.  He will also enquire about the place across the road.


Next Meeting.

Date for the next meeting is Thursday 16th March.



Willie suggests a mini-bus trip out, possibly to the zoo in the South Lakes. 

We had been to the rugby club some time ago to take images and this was a good day, so may do that again.

Carlisle race-course was also mentioned.


There being not further business the meeting closed.

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