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Abbey Camera Club


Minutes of meeting held on Friday 22nd October 2021

Present:  William Niven; Euan McLean; Keith Walker; Jim Harkness; Alan McNeish; Eunice Laidlaw; Brian Gillespie;

Apologies:  Angela McNay and Willie Hiddleston.


Matters Arising from the last meeting:

The Big Burns Supper.  There was 25 people registered for the taking of photos and 19 turned up.  There will be limited photography at the events.  Dates have not yet been released and Euan is waiting to hear more.


Scouts:  Keith has contacted Scout groups but has had no response as yet.


Keith has had communication with NWCC and has met with Angie, but it will take time to build a relationship.


Euan has not had a chance to do a flier yet.


Implications of Covid:

It’s not going anywhere soon.  Keith had a discussion with Stewartry and they don’t anticipate meeting until at least after Christmas.  We are lucky that our hall is big and airy.  Keith’s gut reaction is to keep going meantime and we have approximately 30 members.

Euan didn’t think it would be a good idea to send invites to other clubs at the moment.


Membership and attendances are good and strong.  The photo safari went well and the evening when Keith brought the prints was fun.



Euan was thanked for his work on the logo.  He has also done some work already updating the logo and banner.  Apart from that he thinks the site is fine and just a case of keeping it updated and tidy.

Alan asked if it could be optimised for mobile ‘phones but Euan plans to keep it to computers and tablets only, although it can be viewed from a mobile.  Jim said that there was a tab to click on for ‘phones.

Subs for the website are £12.00 for the domain name and £22.00 for the website. One is due this month and the other next month with Wix.  The one Euan uses is cheaper, and we discussed whether to change or not but not enough time and will review it in the New Year.


Club Competitions:

We don’t have a judge for this month and Richard Spiers is our November judge for it was suggested that October and November competitions were both judged together by Richard to make it more worthwhile for him.

Our meeting next month is ‘Free’, so Keith suggests we take pictures of each other for the website.  Another thought was ‘Photography at Home’ and suggestions of things you can take photos of around the home.  Bring a camera and things to take photos of.


Membership and Subs:

Nearly all have paid now.  30 members.


November 17th is to be a Zoom talk by Margaret Salisbury.  This will be a talk at home or if in the hall Keith has mobile Wi-Fi but that would have to be tried out beforehand.  There is a possibility that she may be in hospital, but she would do here talk on a stick and send it to us.  It was agreed that we would all stay at home to do the Zoom and Willie will let the hall know we will not be in that night.


Laptop and Projector:

Leader money was Europe so that is gone.  Alan says there is grants out there and the Third Sector was mentioned so Keith will look into that.  Meantime Keith can bring in his own projector if need be, but a Laptop is priority, and the budget is £600/£700 so he will look around to what is available.


Gallery at Penpont Café:

Jim has emailed them but has not had a response.  Eunice will try and see Maureen.  He had suggested local images and wildlife.


There being no further business the meeting closed and the next one will be 26th November.

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