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Abbey Camera Club


Committee Meeting held on Tuesday 18th October 2023


Present:   Willie Hiddleston; Eunice Laidlaw; Jim Harkness; Brian Gillespie; Steve Sweeting; Angela McNay.


Apologies from Steph Lavell.


In the absence of a Chairperson, Angela stepped in to chair the meeting with the approval of the rest of the committee.


The committee had received notification from Euan McLean of his resignation as Chairperson of Abbey Camera Club.  This is due to work and family commitments, but he still wants to be a club member.  Eunice to write thanking him for stepping into the breach.  It has been decided that the committee will run the club between them until the next AGM in May 2024.


Jim read out an email from Duncan which was further to his previous email requesting to meet with the committee, but he indicates there is no longer a need for a meeting.


Brian put forward that he thinks all correspondence should go through the secretary and then be emailed out to committee and members.  Eunice is willing to take this on, but we will leave it as it is meantime, with Jim as main contact.


The syllabus has been done up to December and Willie suggested that at the club tomorrow night we ask members to note down what they would like for the rest of the session.


For the meeting tomorrow, Wednesday 18th October, someone to stand up and make announcements and welcome the models, and Willie is willing to do this.  Brian offered to organize the members taking photographs of the models to stop a “Paparazzi” style shoot.


Photo Safari entries.  Jim to contact Euan to see if he had received any entries.  It was decided that they will not be judged but shown as a critique night.


Chairman’s Challenge.  Jim to ask Euan what he had in mind and maybe leave it till later on.  It to be mentioned at the club tomorrow night and remind members that it is a print competition, with title and member number on the back.


Three-way Competition.  This will take place on 6th March 2024 and Loreburn will host it.  Jim has spoken with Alison Cresswell and given her Brian McMeekan’s email.  Members of Abbey to be asked to submit images for this and the committee will make the final decision on the twenty to go forward to the competition.  They’ve to be submitted by 10th January.


Loreburn Centre.  Angela was tasked with approaching the Loreburn center about a pop-up shop/exhibition.  There is a unit available, and she has been in contact with the manager.  It would cost £50.00 for a week, although Willie suggested it should only be three/four days.  Angela will arrange to meet the manager and let other committee members know time if any can go along with her.


Competitions.  Euan was going to take on the role of competition coordinator, so Jim is willing to carry on doing it meantime.


We are unable to get into the hall on Wednesday 13th December as the church will be having their Christmas dinner.  It was decided that we would travel to Carlisle that night to take pictures of the Christmas lights and ask Alison Welby if she can come on the 6th December to give her talk.


Three U3A members have requested to come to the meeting on 8th November when Richard Spiers is coming to give a talk, and we agreed they are welcome to join us.  It was also agreed to have a raffle and three boxes of chocolate, and three bottles of wine will be purchased.



Steve and Brian had looked into the prices of trophies that winners would keep, and it would be feasible.  Eunice suggested that when the winner is presented with the trophies we already have, they also get a medal or something similar which they keep, and the trophy gets handed back each year.  Winner’s names will be engraved on the trophies were appropriate.


Steve had investigated the cost of having a calendar produced, but it was decided that it would be too much work at such short notice.  He also suggested a booklet of images from Dumfries and Galloway which could be sold in various places around the region, and this was agreed to be a good idea.


A suggestion that the pop-up shop be in June or before Mother’s Day/ Easter, when more visitors are around, and it was decided we will go for March/April time.


Steve has got models for tomorrow night’s shoot, after a bit of confusion.  In future model nights need to be organized well in advance.  As they are a family it was agreed to give them £50.00 for coming along and giving their time.


A date for a syllabus meeting was set for Tuesday 28th November and will be held at Jim’s.


The wire wool spinning to be at Kilnford again and Bob Fitzsimmons to be asked to come along with his lights.  If it is a wet night we can have the lights in the hall, but obviously not the wire wool spinning.


Willie gave us an update on the bank balance, which is £2666.67, and he will pay the rent of the hall again for the year, which will come to nearly £600.00 so it was agreed that he should make it the full £600.00 as we sometimes run over time.


Eunice to send a get-well card to Lindon as he has not been too well.


Images for the October competition to be in at the end of next week, and there being no further business the meeting closed.

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