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Abbey Camera Club


Minutes of meeting held on Friday 30th July 2021.

Present Brian Gillespie; Jim Harkness; Keith Walker; William Niven; Euan McLean; Eunice Laidlaw and Willie Hiddleston.


Apologies from Alan McNeish and Angela McNay.


Keith opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.


At present we have 29 names on the membership list, although some have not been at the club for some time.  Ewan thought that only paid-up members should be on the mailing list.  Willie met Jason in town, and he said he intends coming back to the club and he has a friend that may be interested in joining as well.


Keith has had meetings with Angie Gilmour who runs a group at Lochside, and their youngest members is 11 years old.  She has members that might be better suited to our group, and it is thought we can work with her and her group.


Subject to Approval


Keith is giving a Smartphone talk to the Stewartry club so he thinks we could incorporate that into our syllabus.


He has had a meeting with Katie Anderson at The Stove.  They have a wee group which we might be able to get involved with.


Jim suggests that non-members who entered competitions last year may be encouraged to come along to the club.



We could possibly have some exhibits at Kilnford.  We need to have a leaflet for advertising.


If new members need help and mentoring, then Keith is happy to do that.


Willie suggested having an exhibition at The Stove of images shot by mobile phone only.


Euan suggested getting school children interested and the Academy does a higher photography course.  Willie also said that the Scouts used to do a photography badge and he will try to find out if they still do.


Fees;  £20.00 for the first year; £25.00 full membership and £15.00 for juniors.


At present we have £1,638.31 in the bank.



15th September            Sociable Evening – catch up and images from evening shoots

22nd September           Food Photography at Kilnford. 

                                Jim mentioned that Kym Ayres images from Mr. Pooks Kitchen is worth looking at.

29th September           Photo Safari – teams – 12 topics and Keith to judge.

6th October                Alan Wright – he charges £120.00 but has a book and if any are bought

                                  on the night then his charges will be less.

13th October                Judging of the Photo Safari night.  The images will be printed 6 x 4 and can be exhibited in the hall.

20th October                This has been changed to Mobile phone night.

27th October                Results night from first competition which was submitted by the 8th October.  No judge yet for that night                                    but we may have an internal judge.

                                Willie suggested that any member willing to be a judge has their name put in a hat.

3rd November              Talk via Zoom – “Never underestimate and old woman with a camera”.

10th November            Capturing Movement.

17th November            Zoom Talk – Margaret Salisbury.

24th November            Results night – Richard Spiers to judge.

1st December              Zoom Talk – French photographer.

8th December             

15th December            Results night – judge required.




Willie suggests having a year of just judging photos as liked and not too technical.  Have a monthly, or bi-monthly, trophy.  Willie suggests buying two new trophies – one for colour and one for mono.  For competition judge internally trophy for first in mono and first in colour.  For external judges we won’t need points, just comments.


Jim asked who will be responsible for cleaning and risk assessing the hall.  We would be responsible for making sure the hall is cleaned after each meeting and if we are to have refreshments members to bring their own cups.



Caerlaverock will be 24th April to 4th June 2022 and the topic is wildlife or local landscapes and limited to one image per member.  The frames to be 20 x 16 but the images mounted can vary.

The Stove dates are the last two weeks in May 2022 in the café area.  Topics Dumfries and Water.  Our costs may possibly be covered.  The exhibition launch will be the night before it opens.  If any images get sold they won’t take any commission.  There is to be no size limit.  A slide show of members images can run as well.  William suggested that Steven may do a video for us.  Leaflets will be available at exhibitions.  Brian Gillespie is to be the contact for the exhibition and Keith will set up a meeting between him and Katie.  William will also work with Brian.





Keith is happy to help new members and anyone else who is willing and happy to help.  Keith suggests that maybe a Saturday morning for example, meet with the new member for an informal chat and find out what help they need.  Anyone interested in helping, contact Keith.



Keith is happy to run it from September and it will be posted on the website.



William thinks we should advertise more widely, possibly try to get it on Dumfries and Galloway What’s On Facebook.  Willie asked if we should put a selection of images and the syllabus in the Courier.  Jim suggested getting Angela involved in that.

Willie suggested putting some images and a syllabus in the libraries.

Euan offered to do an A4 advert and the Flyer to take pressure off Jim.


Libby Smith from SPF is coming down next year.  Eunice to be the link for the SPF and Keith will send Libby contact details.


Emails should go through the club email address.


William asked what is happening about the Dumfries at Night project.  Keith says they should get images from everyone who got involved and make them into a photo book.  It would be good to have copies in several places.  It is to be organised by 14th August and the images to be submitted to Jim – three from each member that was involved.  Willie asked about size, and it was suggested making the book 6 x 4 and getting a few printed.  Willie and Jim to sort our images.


William commented that the “Favourite Photographer” evening was a success and suggests an evening when members talk about the subjects they like to photograph.


The three-way competition will go ahead on 2nd March 2022 and the Stewartry is organising it.


Willie asked if we should approach Loreburn to see if they would like to amalgamate with us, but it was thought no, if anyone wants to join us then it is up to them.


Rod Wheelans is going to come and talk about photography and the SPF in the future.



Willie suggests going out to somewhere like the Crichton gardens and doing portrait’s on a weekend morning.


There being no further business Keith thanked us for coming and closed the meeting.

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