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Abbey Camera Club

Minutes of meeting held on Tuesday 27th September 2022


Present:  Keith Walker; Eunice Laidlaw; Willie Hiddleston; Brian Gillespie; Jim Harkness; Angela McNay; Euan McLean.

Apologies from William Niven.


Keith opened the meeting and thanked everyone for coming.


Matters arising from previous minutes:


A new Mount Master 660B mount cutter has been purchased at a cost of £149.99. Colin has donated a Spider, but it needs to be registered. Eunice will speak to him about that.


Keith had not been to the bank, yet Willie has been in, and it needs to be set up online for Keith to get his signature on the account.


It has been suggested that someone brings in a laptop to see the Spider working.


Jim has not had a response from Caerlaverock yet.


A few members, with new members, visited The Dock Park on a Saturday for New Member Monitoring, and that went well.


The projector has been tried out with the chrome book and it all works well. We could use the wall in the hall to project images onto, but there is a mark on the wall that shows through.


A few new prospective members have come along then not come back. Angela asked what the procedure was, first two nights are free and if they don’t come back after that then we should leave it as they may come again in the future. At present we have thirty-two paid up members.


An email to be circulated to say when the cut-off point is for paying membership, to remind everyone that next week is the last night to pay.


Keith has been trying to contact Ricky Nolan to see if we can have a day for members at Shambellie, with various workshops.


Keith has also been in touch with Brian Murphy, and we all wish him well with his operation. He still wants to be a member of the club an asked if he can submit images to the first competition. His wife, Sheila, also requested to join the Facebook page.



At 30/08/2022                                     2279.72

Cheques still to cash                           672.00

Paid in since last statement                   464.00

Cash in Hand                                          129.00


Final balance                                       2099.69


The Mount Cutter cost £149.00 and the Chrome Book £40.00.


Willie has been contacted by Anna about the hall as it is booked for the 14th of September, but that is a Zoom meeting for us so there is no problem.

Angela wondered if we could use The Bridge as they have the technology, and she is to find out costs etc.


Keith would like to test a distance Zoom from, possibly, Jim’s house.



Katie Anderson at The Stove has been in touch, and we plan to have out exhibition in the first two weeks of November. Keith to do a write up for them to put through their social media.

It will be set up on the 31st of October and run through until 12th November. The subject is Life in Dumfries and Galloway.


Members to submit images which will then be sent of to be printed at the club’s expense. Images to be mounted and it was decided that white mount board would be best. They need to be submitted by 7th October. Prints to be 10 x 8 and ratio to be 5 x 4.


Willie will work out the rent for the hall for a whole year, September to May.


Jim got an email from Alistair Bertram asking if we could produce an instruction sheet for members submitting competition entries – Keith will talk about it at the club meeting tomorrow.


Keith to contact Jean Robson at Dumfries club to discuss when they are joining up with us for a speaker. They run 7.30 to 9.30, but we can start half an hour later if need buy. They also need a longer HDMI cable, and we can buy one. The speaker’s fee will be split between the clubs.


Keith has not had any more contact with Kieran Dodd’s, but he has said he will come along. He works on publications such as National Geographic and Smithsonian.


So far, there are fourteen colour images and four mono for the first competition.


Beamish had been a big success. Euan suggests a visit to New Lanark and the Christmas Market. The possible date will be 10th December and Keith will check availability of the bus.


There being no further business the meeting closed.

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